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The Heroes of Olympus

The Son of Neptune

the son of neptune
I had been saddened when the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series ended; then with The Heroes of Olympus series began, I read through the first book as quickly as I could in hopes that Percy would at least appear in the end, but alas! I has to wait for the second book. At least some of the familiar characters from Camp Half-Blood made me Percy a little less, but most of the story on The Lost Hero focuses on three new characters and a fairly “Percy-free” story line. Now, because it was established that the next book would be about him, I began waiting impatiently for Percy to make a comeback. Well I thought this book couldn’t have been a more fitting way to highlight Percy’s return. And yest, the cover is fantastic. Admittedly, I find the two characters introduced in this book more likable than the new characters in The Lost Hero, I thought their chemistry with Percy – and each other – was spot on.
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The Lost Hero


I must begin by saying that after I read the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, I knew that this series was going to be magnificent. As soon as I opened the book and I was a chapter into it, the novel consisted of action, and heroic, and twists at the very start. The story begins with the memory loss of a teenager named Jason Grace. He finds himself in an unknown life with strange people surrounding him who are supposedly his friends. On a school excursion, he and his friends are attacked by storm spirits called venti. Jason discovers that he is a half-blood after the attack is over. Later along in the book, it is evident, during quests which involved Queen Hera, that Jason is a Roman hero stuck in the life of a Greek hero. He unlocks more of his memory as the novel continues. Continue reading “The Lost Hero”

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