I am at complete loss of words in regards to this review. This is one of those books that I picked up because all of my friends thought I was completely insane for not reading it. In truth, I didn’t want to read it because I knew that I would bawl and I was completely unprepared to bawl. I’m the avid reader out of all my friends and all of the non-readers read it so many nerdy reader friends ganged up on me and threatened to burn my books if I didn’t read it. Naturally, I relented because my books are my babies and burning them would be like ripping out my soul. Not really, but you get what I mean. Am I beyond happy that I read this book? Definitely. And I plan on checking out numerous other stories by John Green, but am I so worried about writing a cohesive review that I’m babbling to distract you from the fact that I’m still tearing  up thinking about this amazing literature masterpiece? A thousand times, yes. So forgive me if this review does not reach my normal standards. It’s   hard to review a book that leaves you speechless because there truly are no words to describe the feelings and emotions that it instilled in you. To begin, John Green has perfected the art of unique characterisation and connectivity. I had no problem connecting with Augustus or Hazel which I believe is why this was probably one of the most rickety emotional roller coaster rides I’ve been on in awhile. Hazel has this really caustic, dry sense of humour that I tend to greatly enjoy in characters. However, hers was made all the more interesting because it was exhibited in such a unique and dire situation. She made a serious and overwhelmingly emotional tale full of surprising laughter and occasional smiles. At least, that was the first two thirds of the book because the last third was a killer. Continue reading “The Fault in our Stars”