I LOVE that the characters are so aware of what they’re doing. It’s fine to have a story filled with unassuming characters who fall into events accidentally, but I believe allowing characters to choose, even when the choices are bad, especially when the choices are bad adds a level of intricacy to a story that piques interest. When characters are faced with uncertain circumstances, sometimes they choose right or wrong, but it’s easy to let them off the hook. When faced with certain circumstances with known negative consequences and they still choose a “bad” path, it is so much more interesting to read. And it’s not just the “good” characters who display this moral dichotomy. There’s the “bad” guy who has to drug himself to hurt people because it upsets him. There’s the “bad” guy who seems evil but is really just very detached from reality. There are several others, but I don’t want want to share more details for the fear of spoiling you. Continue reading “Carve the Mark”