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The Mortal Instruments

City of Ashes

city of ashes

The Mortal Instruments series is one of my favourite book series of all time. If I could rate it with 50 stars or even 100, I would. One of my favourite things about City of Ashes is that since City of Bones was mainly concentrated on Clary, we not got to see what all the other characters were doing. There are several point of views which I absolutely liked since it gives you the opportunity to get to know all the characters better, which is a good thing since Cassandra’s characters are all amazing. I don’t even know where to start I mean my favourites will always be Alec and Magnus but all the other characters are also incredible. Continue reading “City of Ashes”


Lady Midnight


Lady Midnight is the first installment in the highly anticipated trilogy, The Dark Artifices, by Cassandra Clare. I was so eager to be a part of the Shadow world again and the demon hunting, plot twists, and witty humour that came with it. Cassandra Clare didn’t let me down and by the end of the novel, I just wanted more. Continue reading “Lady Midnight”

City of Bones


With the influx of Young Adult novels in the market, what makes City of Bones from Cassandra Clare a worthy pick? Continue reading “City of Bones”

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