I absolutely adored this book, which isn’t a surprise. I was worried that the overall tone of Rainbow’s fantastic writing would be changed in this book because it’s targeted towards adults and contains some fantasy elements unlike her other books, but I was wrong, and I’m so glad I was. She once again created hilarious, wonderful, realistic characters who I grew very attached to throughout the book.

Every character in this book had a distinct personality – so distinct that even if they weren’t labeled with names you would probably be able to identify them from the things they say in their dialogue. There were hilarious parts, but never boring parts. Like Fangirl, there were quite a few reference to Harry Potter which I absolutely loved! Personally, I really like it when authors mention other books in their books, as it goes to make the story feel more real.

Above all, I think my favourite part of this book was that you get to learn so much about Georgie and Neal’s relationship. I’ve never read a book that did a better job of showing all sides of the relationship. You get a feel for how their relationship works in the present day parts, but also how they acted when they were young and falling in love through the back-in-time communication. Not only that, but Georgie also had alot of flashbacks to when she was first meeting Neal that I loved. It was really cool to see how the characters changed as a person and changed how they interacted with each other throughout their lives.

There were only few things I didn’t like about this book, and they’re really not that much of a big deal at all. First was that there was a significant amount of more swearing in this book that than there was in her other books. Obviously this book is marketed towards adults whilst her other books are YA but at times it did seem a little unnecessary and kind of distracting from the story when all of a sudden f-bombs are being dropped alot. Still, it wasn’t that big of a deal and I don’t think it affected the story too much.

My second issue is that every once and a while there would be two or three pages that were completely blank save for a date. These would appear in between chapters and I understand that thew were there to make sure you weren’t confused as to when everything was taking place but to me it seemed completely unnecessary because the time between each date was never more than a couple days, like a normal book would progress, Unless I missed a big jump, they didn’t really seem to be needed. The only reason I really care is because it made the book go faster when there were a couple of pages you’d just skip every few chapters.

Lastly, the ending was kind of confusing and it didn’t feel super complete to me like we were left to imagine what would happen next and the explanation ourselves. I was worried that like some time travel books, Rainbow’s explanation for all the weird things that happened throughout the book was that nothing would make sense by the end. I think she wrapped everything up nicely but I I could’ve done with a little more. Maybe this is just because I love her writing so much and I wanted more of it, but maybe one more chapter at the end would’ve done it for me.

Overall, I’d really recommend this book if you’ve read or enjoyed any of Rainbow Rowell’s other books. It’s written for adults, but doesn’t really any parts that are “adult content”. I loved reading some of Rainbow Rowell’s work with fantasy – she’s great at it.