I’m not even sure where to begin because there’s just so much I love Scarlet. I read reviews saying Scarlet was better than Cinder, but I was skeptical. How do you get better than something I already pretty much consider one of the best? I’, still not sure how exactly that happens, but it did.

So, the first of many things I loved about this book were the characters. Cinder is back, and this time whilst she’s adjusting to her new found identity, she’s not the insecure mechanic that was introduced at the beginning of the series. She’s much more determined. She’s quick-witted and smart, and she uses that plus her Lunar abilities to make it through the novel. I loved seeing Cinder start to come into her own. I’, sure she has quite a journey ahead of her before the last book, bu this was great progress.

Unlike Cinder, Scarlet, our newest addition to the fairy tale gang, does not have insecurity. What she does have is a gun and a feisty streak a mile wide. She knows how to run her life, let me tell you. Even the bad things happen, like her missing grandmother, she waste no time and springs into action. She does get down, depressed, and sad, but she’s not the type to mope. I have a feeling her temper might get her into trouble in later books, but in this book, it serves her pretty well.

Prince, now Emperor Kai is back, though if I had to make any complaint with this book, it’s that he’s not on the pages nearly enough. I misses seeing him interact with Cinder, but given the circumstances to the ending of Cinder and the fact that she starts the book as a fugitive that would be a bit difficult to manage. Even so, I really fell for the guy. He’s not having an easy time running his country with the plague and the Lunar Queen all on his mind.

As for the new guys, Wolf and Captain Thorne, they’re both just as great characters. Wolf is more broody, dark, almost bad boy archetype, but unlike most, the reasoning behind his character makes alot of sense. I can’t talk much about his character without giving plot details away. But I will say I loved the addition of Wolf and his companions. It made the story seem scarier and really drove home how much is at stake with all the tension between Earth and the Lunar colony. Thorne is more of the comic type relief, but that’s not to say his character is shallow. He was one of the most fun characters to read in this book.

The way Marissa Meyer weaves the story together is just amazing. All of those different characters I’ve come to love at first seem so separate from each other. What could Wolf possibly have to do with Cinder’s tale? How would Scarlet get involved in this plot? I was intrigued as to how the plot lines would intersect and I was really pleased by the end result. I cannot imagine the amount of thinking, planning, and plotting that had to be done to get all the different aspects of this story to flow together so seamlessly.

I didn’t dislike the ending to Cinder, but I didn’t love it either. It didn’t hamper my enjoyment of the book, but it wasn’t something I walked away from thinking was the best ending ever. The ending to Scarlet, on the other hand, is one of my favourites that I’ve read in awhile. It leaves the impression that there’s alot more to come, but the characters are so resolved that you can’t help but to get excited for what they’re going to do.

I have alot of thoughts and opinions on Scarlet, and they’re all positive ones. The world that Marissa Meyer has created just sucks me in every time and I had to read this book in one sitting, no matter how much time that took. Scarlet, Wolf, and Thorne are new additions to the The Lunar Chronicles and I loved them just as much as I loved my old favourites of Cinder, Iko, and Kai. This has become one of my favourite series.