nowhere but here

I have read and fell in love with Katie McGarry since she came out with her Pushing the Limits series. I knew when i was able to buy this book that I was not going to be disappointed by it and I knew that I wanted to start right away, and I was shocked.

I have to be honest, the book was a rough start for me. I don’t know why I could not get into it but I felt so weird about it. I do not know if it is because of the world building and the introduction of characters but I saw myself constantly looking away and pausing my reading where I was. I did feel like taking a break but I wanted to keep going and thank goodness I got through whatever I was going through because the middle picked up so much and by the end, Katie McGarry had me in tears, in smiles, and a wreck full of different emotions.

The book is split between two people, Emily and Oz. I know that writing a book from split perspectives can be tough but I do feel strongly that Katie has got it perfectly crafted. Emily lives in Florida and is currently going to Kentucky to attend her grandmother’s funeral, or so she thinks. Getting a bit of a surprise, her world is flipped around when she must go under the protection of her dad’s motorcycle club. In come Oz, trying to earn his place in the club, he is given a task to watch over Emily but what he doesn’t plan on doing is falling in love.

This relationship is kind of one where it is forbidden because if Emily’s relationship to the club. And although things start off on a bad footing you can clearly see that their love is genuine and sooner or later they will become inseparable.

The ending was amazing. And this is where Katie had me tearing up a bit. This is the part of the book you look forward to in a way that it will leave you wanting to find out what happened. Overall Katie once again made me fall in love with her words and I encourage you to read her work and find the magic that it has to offer.