First of all the plot stays true to what Kaufman and Kristoff did in Illuminae in which case I mean it’s full of action and death mostly. However, I felt like the plot could used more suspense and that survival feel that we saw in the first book. I didn’t feel as thrilled as I did during  Illuminae my adrenaline wasn’t pumping as much. Remember all the insane plot twists in Illuminae? Didn’t really see them in Gemina. There were few that I enjoyed but for the most part they were either not great or a little bit predictable.

I did enjoy the inclusion of alien life forms in this book because come on what sci-fi series would complete without that? They were terrifying and interesting and probably one of my favourite parts about this book and I almost would have enjoyed them playing a bigger part than they did. There’s also a kind of Russian Mafia in this story too which is pretty much guaranteed to always make things more interesting. Then we have space pirates/mercenaries invading a space station and even a time paradox which may or may not be a little confusing.

The pacing of the story was a little off in the beginning of the book by which I mean it was slow and a little boring at first. I’m here for the spaceships and death. I don’t care about a teenage girl and her boy problems. Anyways, the pacing picks up as the story progresses until suddenly you’re done with the book, very much true to Illuminae style.

If course we have the same awesome format in Gemina that we saw in the first book and even the inclusion of some of author Marie Lu’s illustrations. There’s also a hidden few things in the book if you pay close enough attention, one being the names of several other YA authors included on a list of casualties. So I thought those were some cool little treats for us book nerds.

I enjoyed the story at the ending the most where we got to finally see some of the characters from Illuminae. It really livened things up in my opinion.

I did like this book but it was not impressive as Illuminae in my eyes. I’m hoping this is just a case of middle book syndrome and the next book will live up to expectations.