city of ashes

The Mortal Instruments series is one of my favourite book series of all time. If I could rate it with 50 stars or even 100, I would. One of my favourite things about City of Ashes is that since City of Bones was mainly concentrated on Clary, we not got to see what all the other characters were doing. There are several point of views which I absolutely liked since it gives you the opportunity to get to know all the characters better, which is a good thing since Cassandra’s characters are all amazing. I don’t even know where to start I mean my favourites will always be Alec and Magnus but all the other characters are also incredible.

And so was the plot, obviously. I just couldn’t stop reading. I lost track on how many times I’ve read the book already but it gets better every time I re-read it. I just loved all the action, the demons, and I guess I am not just highly obsessed with the books themselves – or the characters – but also with the runes.

Another thing I love so much about Cassandra Clare and her books is her humour and the dialogues, especially the ones between Jace and Magnus. They are hilarious, Cassandra Clare is hilarious and so are her characters. I will always love her for creating all these amazing characters especially Magnus.

I am so obsessed with this world and I’d so love to live in it. And the fact that the books are set in New York makes it even better.

I really don’t know what more to say. Cassandra Clare writing style is beyond amazing. She’s my favourite author of all time and she inspires me with her work every day. By the angel, I wish this word was real. Even though I already read this book so many times I am speechless all over again.

So if you haven’t read the books yet, please make sure to pick them up as soon as possible if you don’t you will definitely miss on something. The books are amazing, full of action, love, drama, fun, adventures.