the calling

It hooked me. Very much. It contained this extremely fast pacing that kept on tempting me to read chapter after chapter without having my body show any sign of tiring. Moreover, the pages  flew by at such a rapid speed that I most likely unintentionally skimmed some sentences here and there. It was as if I had to read an express mode, otherwise I would have lost my pacing and wander behind the characters, This is a book that  actually increased my heart rate.

The plot was better developed and more complexly thought of than the summary might make it look like. Seriously. And more inventive. There was so much I enjoyed from it, and that was especially because what I was reading about I had not in any other book previously read, including The Hunger Games. The book barely incorporated any similarities to that one. It was about twelve direct descendants of the twelve civilisations created on Earth by a superior race. Gods? Extraterrestrials? I still don’t know what to consider those creatures, but they, in this book, were the ones held complete control over the players and planet Earth itself.

The players’ objectives were not to kill each other. No, the reason why this “End Game” took place is for the better civilisation, to survive for the person who found the three keys to save his/her line from destruction. But it was even more complex than that. And the killing.. something that came with the package, not an order, obligation. Interesting plot and puzzles.

What didn’t work quite well for me now, not alot of things, honestly, but the few of them were so important to the book itself that I just couldn’t read without noticing them. I’m talking about the POV of the characters, narration and writing. The problem is that the author tried to familiarise us with every character, giving us a little back story on every one of them. There were many POVs because of that, which made getting attached more difficult. There were main and secondary characters, you could feel it, but it still wasn’t easy to remember everything that was being said about them. The narration and writing two elements directly linked to one another for the second and final thing that I wish I would have been different. The vibe transmitted by this book. Whilst everything that was happening inside this novel was serious. The narration did not give me that impression. And the writing made me feel like this book was aimed for a younger audience which I think wasn’t right since there were multiple brutal scenes. It wasn’t bad though, definitely not the worst narration tone and writing I’ve ever seen but more appropriate one sure would made me love this a little more. Your choice to read it or not, but I have to recommend it, because it was not Hunger Games, and two, extra ordinarily hard to stop reading, and you’ll want more.