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The book was beautiful. The entire process of self-discovery, and how Emily changes from a shy, easily over-looked person to an independent, strong female. Right from the beginning, Sloane’s been shown as having an upper hand in their friendship, with her being the “shine” of the duo with her being the one everyone noticed, and Emily’s always just tagging along with whatever Sloane did. The essence of the book lies in Emily breaking out of that shell, Emily finding out that she doesn’t have to depend on anyone else for her happiness, and in Emily discovering another side of herself.

From the very beginning, I was pretty much disappointed with their friendship, in fact, I’m not personally a fan of such relationships where one friend always gets the spotlight and the other one is just there. But then Emily starts to hangout with other people and slowly start doing things she never thought she would, discovering much about herself and about life.

The writing is just so beautiful, and the character development makes me wish something this happened to me too. I mean, not losing the best friend part but how she keeps doing all the things in the list, breaking through the initial hesitance and finding joy in each one of them.

Frank Porter’s character, the college “genius” is a very sketched too. He becomes one of the first friends she makes and later becomes her love interest. His character development too, from how he changes from the genius know-it-all to the warm, friendly, adventurous boy is both delightful and heartwarming.

The only issue I had was the ending. I just felt that the ending was a bit flat, and the entire point of Sloane leaving Emily was lame, I feel. I just let out a sigh when I read about why exactly Sloane left her. I guess I was just expecting something deep out of that.

So overall, in spite of that one little issue, I felt the book was phenomenal. It’s a must read, and I definitely recommend it to everyone.