This book has been haunting me at the bookstore for the past years. I have wanted to buy it to take home and read, and yet something always held me back. Maybe it was the blurb, the fact it was another story about the paranormal or the fact it looked a little bit too dark and serious for my liking. I finally made the plunge and bought the book and what a mistake it was!

The story leaves the reader utterly confused. The main character Luce, does not know what is going on, just that strange things keep happening to her. It isn’t until the second to last chapter that any clarity is established and the main character finally works out some of what is going on. Unfortunately for the reader, Luce is not told everything.

The love story is lacklustre and barely a main feature of the book. As Luce is so bemused most of the time she can’t really understand her feelings for Daniel, or is she has any at all. Ir doesn’t help that the story is set in a reform school with strange, dangerous students. The essence of any kind of romance seems unlikely to bloom amongst a drab school built alongside a cemetery.

I found the foreshadowing that was used so complex that as a reader I was not able to make connections or predict what might be going on. The title Fallen also suggests the book may be about fallen angels, but that not confirmed nor denied until the final chapters. Ideas that you are usually able to link within a book are not made clear within this story.

Now I get that this is the first in five part series, and every book series needs more suspense for the next novel, but seriously, Lauren Kate, when the reader is just as confused and lost as the characters, it is not a fun read. There was no conclusion to this story, no reader satisfaction, no understanding of what was to come in the next book, and because of this, you were left feeling bemused and disappointed that you just read 400 pages for nothing. I finished the last page as puzzled as when I began.

Unless you are a person who enjoys complete dissatisfaction and bemusement upon the completion of a book, do not pick it up.