the power of six

I am really a problem child when it comes to reading new books. I love to read my favourite novels on a loop, and whilst that isn’t an unforgivable crime, it certainly limits the amount of literature you get exposed to.

The Power of Six is the second book in the Lorien Legacies which co-written by James Frey and Jobie Hughes. I noticed and appreciated that it doesn’t make sense because it received input from too many people. The pacing of the book are good, the content is interesting, and quite unique in the overpopulated genre where people most often than not “borrow” a few ideas. The characters aren’t as annoying as one might expect teenager characters to be, and the book’s lacks melodrama.

I like Seven’s proactive attitude, but I do not appreciate her playing with the emotions of both boys. Marina has amazing powers and I thoroughly enjoyed that, but she had a bit of apathetic attitude that got grating quickly. Ella’s gift is by far the most impressive thus far.

John Smith is a pretty cool character and I enjoyed him, though he can be too impulsive and selfish at times. I am a huge fan of Sam and he does great work representing the human race. The later inclusion of Number 9 was unexpected but decent too, and I think the next book, which focuses primarily on him if I look just at the title.

A real problem I had with the book is the constant switching between characters without any indication except a font change. It happened more than once that I was confused why everything was different. I also feel that the fighting scenes really get out of hand. It takes pages to resolve something and I get bored at the third strange animal attacking a character.

Overall, I enjoyed The Power of Six. The different Legacies keep me quite entertained, they are really ingenious and fun. They are fast paced novel that aren’t too intense.