the copper gauntlet

I absolutely adore this book. This book was so funny, and easy to read. This book was definitely better than the first book in the Magisterium series, The Iron Trial. We see Call and the gang grow as both characters and as a group. However, Jaspar’s character arc stood out to me the most. As we progress through the book, he grows (and matures) as a person, and especially since Call and Jaspar are arch rivals. It’s great to see them start to somewhat get along. There’s also the start of a romance that didn’t really makes sense to me, because the main characters are only thirteen. Besides, the romance, the element of friendship prevails throughout the book.

There were elements in this book that reminded me of Harry Potter, but that being said, the plot, and the characters aren’t remotely similar. The writing in this book is definitely much wittier than Harry Potter and more reminiscent of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books. There’s plenty of humour in this book – Black and Clare both do a brilliant job of having the perfect combination of laughs and serious moments.

The authors also have some unique ideas and plot twists in this book that I definitely did not see coming. There are plot idea that the authors use that stray from your typical middle-grade/YA books which are really refreshing to read and makes the story a little more unpredictable. There are many moments where the authors lead you to think one thing, then as you read, you realised you’ve been mislead. I was actually surprised when I finished the story, because it was such a breeze and pleasant read.

Also, is it bad that I didn’t realise that a gauntlet was a glove-like thing until the end?

I enjoyed this story immensely. Although this book is targeted towards younger age groups. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone and everyone, even those who don’t love reading.