Ever since it surfaced the book blogosphere and twitterverse, I’ve been so massively in love with Caraval by Stephanie Garber. Other than it’s breathtaking cover and the fact that Stephanie is an absolute darling on Twitter, I also adore the premise. It’s basically a mild fantasy story that focuses on the value of sisterhood, and taking risks.

Okay, so first off, I wanted to highlight the beauty that is the inside of this gorgeous book. Not only is it an eye candy on the outside, the inside pages are equally as gorgeous. With chapter pages that are attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, one won’t argue about the value of this treasure.

The hype that the book produced with its first few pages was no doubt maintained up until the last page. I adore how Stephanie was able to concoct several highs and lows in the story, keeping up with the standard that was set during the introduction. With scenes that were all gripping, exciting, and just filled with whim, Caraval will no doubt have readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

People were marketing this book as one that was filled with both fantasy and whimsical tones, and it didn’t disappoint. From the start, and just with the synopsis alone, one would know that this book is about the great value of family and sisterhood, and I’m so glad to have been more delighted with the story’s outcome. I love how subtle the romance was and also how the romance aspect of the story didn’t overshadow the overall theme of the book. I liked that.

I also liked how all throughout the story, the message of Caraval being just a game remained loud and clear. Even the reader tended to have clouded judgments from having to choose what was really going on, and I love the added mystery that this brought to my unique reading experience. Seeing this succeed just added up to my overall satisfaction with this book.