I really love this book. The characters were beautifully broken, the story line was intriguing, the romance is breathtaking, and the writing is mesmerising. It had the kind of writing that makes you feel like you are being enveloped by a magical presence, because you not only feel like you are involved with the characters’ lives and know them personally, you feel like you are there. Experiencing every heartbreak, every sickening twist, every act of heart-wrenching cruelty and betrayal, as well as the delectable taste of freedom and the spell-binding essences of love. Sarah’s writing truly is incandescent, magical, so utterly ethreal that I wish I could submerge myself in it entirely.

The plot of this book was enthralling. I will admit that I found the beginning quite slow but once I had ventured deeper into the book I appreciated that Maas did that as it fully allowed me to understand Feyre’s world before she’s thrust into the treacherous land of Prythian and it allowed me then to then fully emphasise in the huge shift from numb, cold-hearted huntress to the Feyre who allows herself to live and to dream, to appreciate the stark contrast between her previous life and her current life. The pages flickered by as I found myself sinking deeper and deeper into the luxuriously terrifying world that Maas had so magically crafted, the suspense grew with each passing chapter and my heart would clench in terror as I would read about the desolate trials that my heroic new fictional friends had to suffer through and then a couple of pages sing with joy at the dazzling love and kindness, and wonderfulness that cascaded off the pages. I became mesmerised by this book and with each page I fell in love with it slightly more.

Then there are the characters. The fierce, brave, honest, authentic characters with their realistic flaws, their mind-numbling fears and the overwhelming desire to be loved and their abundant capacity to love. Characters who have endured torturous events and survived, rising stronger from the rubble, a phoenix emerging from the ashes. I loved how Maas allowed us to become fully acquainted with the characters; how she revealed enough of their inner essence to allow us to root for them or at the very least, to understand them. Even regarding the villains, she reveals enough about their tormented, blood covered pasts and the inner workings of their minds, to allow us the chance at understanding the motives behind their devastatingly cruel actions.

I loved how all the characters grew throughout the book, there was a distinguishable difference between who they were and who they are now. I really admired the characters. They had gone through so many trying times and as heart-breaking as it was to see each characters that I cared about tormented and mentally demolished into fragments of who they once were, it was equally inspiring to see them collect together those remnants and piece them back together, constantly pursuing despite the vicious obstacles thrown their way,

A Court of Thorns and Roses was a spectacular fantasy novel that stole my breath away, induced tears to run from my eyes and laughter to escape my lips. My heart ached at the tragedies that occurred and every betrayal, every hurt,every terror that the character faced. Every radiant occurrence of love, acts of kindness or cheerful laughs made my heart soar. I felt everything in this book, and that is clear evidence that an author is truly capable of producing magic. The characters, the dialogue, the rich, complex plot, the sizzling romance, and the magnificent fantasy world combined impeccably to create a novel that is magic itself. I loved this book and I can guaranteed that you too. A new favourite.