I have mixed feelings on this book. It’s one of those few books that actually lives up to its cover blurb but I also wasn’t completely blown away.

After reading the first fifty pages or so, I was convinced that this was going to be a new favourite. The narrative was so beautifully hilarious, and I couldn’t wait to read more. However, it almost seems as if Marion made sure that you were in love with the book for the first few chapters, and then once he had you committed to wanting to know what happened, he just stopped. It’s not the writing style that became bad after that – it had its moments – but it was very very different from the beautiful and somehow hysterical opening chapters.

There were other things I really likes about the narrative throughout the entire book, though. As R is a zombie, he’s come to know alot about the human body and alot of times will describe things using scientific terms for body parts, which somehow just makes everything seem more beautiful and poetic. Music also ended up playing a large role in this book and the way a song could be tied into a scene and then referenced throughout many chapters really struck me. I almost wish that this element had been used more.

I can’t deny that this book was really interesting. It was such a quick read, and there was always something going on. The dialogue frustrated me a little bit. I got used to it eventually, bur when you’re reading pages of zombie  conversations with three ellipses per sentence, it gets a little old.

My next issue us a kind of a pro and a con because I’m picky and indecisive. Nowadays, when you’re reading a dystopian or post-apocalyptic book, the entire world history is spelled out pretty clear for you so that you have to understand of how terrible and messed up the book is. This book didn’t really have much of that at all. You weren’t given a clear picture of how the world got to the point that it was being taken over by zombies and everyone is dying. In some ways, I really liked this. When you think about it, why should the book have to go into detail about the world? This book wasn’t about the world and worrying about the environment. It was a zombie who fell in love with a human. In other ways, though, I really didn’t liked it. I’m such a nosy person I suppose that I demand answers. Like, how in the world do you not have any food but you have cars that can drive around like normal and a charged iPod?

The characters were pretty well-developed when you consider the fact that we’re all learning about them is told us through the eyes of a zombie. I didn’t particularly like Julie because she just felt really indecisive to me.

There were some really great side characters, and I really wish that some of the little side plots had been more developed and involved in the book. It definitely could’ve been alot longer and interesting if we were given more little story lines and see how this new reality affected different people.

Still this book definitely has its moments.