Reading reviews, alot of people have wondered how could possibly liked The Bad Beginning, I can honestly say that I loved this series and continued with it until the last book. I also had alot of friends who were big fans as well. 

As promised in the opening paragraph, this series is full of unhappiness and misery. But I appreciated Snicket’s dark humour from the start, which is essential if you are going to enjoy this series. I liked how Snicket addressed the reader and I enjoyed his humorous explanation of words. As it becomes clear later in the series, Lemony Snicket is actually connected to Baudelaires and their world, although the reader doesn’t fully understand exactly how he is connected until the final volume. This was one of the things that made this book feel very original.

This series taught me about anagrams and how to send secret messages through poems. I thought all of this was fun and even refreshing, compared to what I usually read. Throughout the series, Snicket often provides explanations of bigger words.

Reading The Bad Beginning as a young adult, I could see why some children would feel like they are being talked down to with these definitions. However, I feel that now that I’m older I’m always underestimating child readers and assuming they won’t get certain things. Since I read this book first as a child I can tell you that I understood that these definitions were intended to be humorous and were often meant to be ridiculous. If you find something like this annoying, then don’t read these books. Snicket does alot of telling and not alot of showing, and the series starts stronger than it ends. If you don’t want to read a book where bad things happen to good people, them listen to the warning the author gives and don’t read this book. That being said, I think these books are very clever and unique. They attract a certain type of person, but The Bad Beginning is a short book that’s worth reading. This is the book where all the trouble begins, and is perfect for anyone who enjoys quirky stories about intelligent children.