For those of you who don’t know this, this isn’t just a retelling of Alice in Wonderland. It’s an origin story of the Queen of Hearts herself… which makes it all the fun am I right?

One of my biggest complaints about “Heartless” is that its pacing is extremely slow and a bit tedious at times. I would say this is true for about three quarters of the book and the last quarter definitely picks up and gets really interesting.

I have seen alot of negative reviews for this book and their problems were the slow pacing and the plot itself. You see the plot is mainly about Catherine not wanting to marry the King of Hearts and that’s really all there is to it which does get very repetitive and boring, I agree. However, I overlooked that because I was having so much fun with the characters, and references to Alice in Wonderland. I would say the slow pacing has alot to do with the plot not really moving in any other direction for a long duration of the story.

There’s also an inclusion of the Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater nursery rhyme which I thought was pretty neat.

I also loved the way Marissa Meyer weaved in her Wonderland references without info-dumping us. We are, after all pretty familiar with Alice in Wonderland and I thought that it made it all the more fun to pick out her references whilst reading.

The ending was my favourite part of the story because of how dark, twisted, and awesome it is. I loved seeing what happened to Catherine that turned her into the beheading crazy Queen of Hearts we all know and I was not disappointed. Actually, I take that back. I was disappointed because with that ending, I thought this was a series, but alas! It’s a stand alone and I’m very upset.

As I said this is a very character driven book so the characters are pretty important and Meyer does a great job of making them as interesting and complex as possible. I think you can have a boring plot and the book will still be great if you do a good job developing your characters and that’s proven in Heartless.

Catherine is likable enough main character. She’s sweet, kind, and the most fantastic baker in all of Hearts. I ended up being very sympathetic to Catherine’s cause, she wants to open a bakery and her mother wants her to marry the king and become Queen of Hearts. You can see how those wants want conflict and I just became very invested in Catherine’s plight.

There’s also a slew of other characters that were absolutely wonderful as well and even if we saw very little of them I still feel like they had a complexity of their own.

Overall, I very much enjoyed thisbook even though it had a few issues. I was able to easily overlook them end still end up loving Heartless.