Wow. I was blown away by this one. It’s not often that science fiction can keep me riveted, but Claudia Gray managed that easily with A Thousand Pieces of You. I was wrapped up in these characters to the point that I didn’t want to go to work. I wanted to stay immersed in this world. This novel served as a reminder that the title, mundane moments need to be savoured as much as the large, extravagant moments.

I’ve enjoyed Gray’s past works, but this one outshines the rest. In my opinion, A Thousand Pieces of You, is Gray’s strongest novel. I have read other novels about parallel universes, but the background behind all of the universe jumping in this one was fascinating. Furthermore, I love these characters. Marguerite, Theo, and Paul all captured my interest from the opening chapter and still haven’t let me go. I also fell in love with Grey’s writing in this one: it’s inventive and filled with vibrant, lush descriptions.

Aside from the characters, I also found dimensions to be a strength of this novel. I loved that whilst Marguerite might be traveling to a dimension that was “right next door”, things could be completely different from what she was used to in her reality. In her first jump, she lands in a futuristic London with technology that is far beyond anything that exists in 2014. I loved her time in Russia and her underwater home in some of her subsequent jumps. The description of these dimensions was superb and allowed me to experience them along with the characters.

Another element I loved about this was the notion of what drives our existence: science or fate. If I lived in another universe, would I still have the same personality traits and desires? I like to think that fate would intervene on my behalf to help me find my soulmate no matter what time or place I lived in.

A Thousand Pieces of You was one of those novels that I loved losing myself in. When the stress of real life enroaches, hiding in fiction has always been my favourite means of escape. The story provides the right blend, adventure, and conflict to make it one of my favourites. Absolutely beautiful.