One of the main things that I liked about this book were the characters. Critics of this book say that it is very similar to Looking for Alaska or An Abundance of Katherines, because the type of characters are very similar. In all these books, the main character is a guy that is a little shy, nerdy, and in love with an unattainable girl. But I have read all of these books, and I felt that they were very different and I really love the characters in this book in their own way. This is a very interesting topic to read about because it is something I think alot of teenagers can relate to. John Green made it so easy to relate to Quentin, and I felt all the feeling that he went through. At one point, he thinks Margo might have committed suicide, and I was so scared because I would be devastated by this just as much as Quentin would be. And also, at some moments I felt I was getting angry at Margo for hurting Quentin, but in the end I understood why she had to do what she did. It is amazing how John Green created a character that I wanted to punch in the face at some points, but on the other hand I totally felt for her and all of her actions were justified.

Next to some amazing characters, I also really liked the pacing of this book. The book started with a strong pace when Quentin and Margo go on their mission that one night. Then, the pacing drops a little because Quentin needs to figure out the clues instantly but he needed some time to think about this. But after a while, the pace picks up again and leads up to a great ending of this book. Also, the question where Margo actually is made me want to keep reading this book and this also lead to the fact that I read this book in a really short period of time.

Finally, the last thing that I loved about this book is that it made me think. When I put this book down, the story was over but I kept thinking about the subjects that were discussed in this book. One of these subjects was, like I already mentioned, the fact that people are different versions of themselves in different situations. I find it very interesting to think about this. Another subject that John Green deals with in this book is friendship.

If you have read any of John Green’s other books and liked those, you should definitely pick up this book as well. If you are in the mood for a more serious contemporary that makes you think, this is a book for you. If you are looking for a book that is revolved around solving mystery and finding a missing person, check this book out. However, if you are looking for a quick, light read, I think you might be better off picking another book. But overall, I would definitely recommend this book to almost everyone, because it is really well-written, the characters are really interesting and it makes you think about some questions in life.