Let me just say, I did not see this coming. I went into this book fully prepared to not give into the hype. There are so many mixed reviews, I was kind of frightened/slightly curious to see in what camp I’d land in. Well, here I am. I really liked this book. I put off reading this book forever. Now, I will say, it was very similar to alot of series I’ve read before. And the world building was confusing at times. But the story itself was very fun and exciting.

I’m having a really hard time cataloguing this book in one genre, because it’s basically a dystopian book, with alot of fantasy elements in it. For those of you who don’t know what this book is about, it’s basically the story of a girl named Mare Barrow who loves in a society where you’re separated by your blood type. either you’re Silver (aka the badasses, who run the world with their special abilities, some could call it magic, but it’s really a more specific abilities. Or you’re Red, who are the people who don’t have any abilities, and are treated like dirt, the lowest of the lows, and who live in terrible conditions. Mare, who is a Red, despises the Silvers, but one day finds herself working alongside them when she unlocks a power inside herself that she didn’t realise she had. As damage control, she’s thrust upon the world of royalty, and she has to pretend to be something she’s not in order to save herself and her loved ones. That’s basically what Red Queen is about.

As I said, I got alot of different bookish vibes from Red Queen, and by that I mean, that story reminded me of alot of different books, such as The Selection, The Hunger Games,Throne of Glass, The Lunar Chronicles, Divergent, and more. I can pinpoint out specific details that are downright recreations of each series I just mentioned. And most of the time I liked it, but also alot of the time that I didn’t. Because it was a little too similar.

I did enjoy Aveyard’s writing quite a bit. The story was easy to understand although it was such a complex world. Considering this was her debut novel, I’m quite impressed. Her battle sequences were very intriguing and exciting, but some times were a bit confusing. I had to read a few of them a couple of times to understand them all, but all in all, I really enjoyed it.