When I started I Am Number Four, I really didn’t know what to expect. I hadn’t watched the movie, but I’d heard the book was quite good. I was just expecting this high action and adventure sci-fi novel that wouldn’t hold any depth to it. I was so incredibly wrong. This book produced a bucket load of emotions that raged inside me. There was the heartbreak loss, the unfairness, the bitterness, the pain. I Am Number Four will have you sitting intensely on the edge of your seat, your eyes riveted to the book as you watch Four’s fight of survival , and then just when you think everything is  going to be okay, you’re faced with another problem, or a heart breaking discovery. I really underestimated I Am Number Four and boy, did it prove me wrong. If there was ever a book I thought I would dislike but loved, it would be this one.

I am now officially a science fiction fan. I’ve never really been interested in those type of books but I think since reading I Am Number Four, I might just have found my new favourite genre It such an incredible thought, thinking that there are those planets, galaxies, and solar systems out there and that maybe there are other life forms living on one of those planets. I Am Number Four is a great science fiction novel. The alien planets that Pittacus Lore creates are described in detail. I can imagine the lush, green, alive Lorien bursting with colours, and then turning into a barren wasteland. I can clearly see the Mogadorians soldiers with their translucent skin and empty black eyes. I can see the desperation that is reflected in both the aliens of Mogadore and Lorien, they’re both fighting to survive, both trying to save the only homes they know.

The writing immediately drew me in. Pittacus Lore (collaboration of James Frey and Jobie Hughes), creates sentences that have you constantly in suspense, sentences, words, paragraphs, and chapters that are inviting and gripping. The way they write forces you to continue reading, there is always something mystifying happening, something that you always want to know ends well. But when things are going smoothly, another shell-shocker is dropped and you are left wanting to finish reading the book, just to know how everything turns out, hoping that Four will be safe and that the rest of the Garde will be protected.

I loved Four/John. It must have been extremely difficult for him and Henri, to constantly be on the look-out, constantly keeping to themselves, and when something suspicious does occur, to then uproot and leave without saying goodbye. I really admired Four. I would most probably been caught and killed, after all the years of moving and changing identities, the strength would have evaporated from my bones.

The story line is extremely unique. The idea of two alien planets fighting on earth, involving the humans. Nine aliens chosen to carry out the powers of the Elders. Gaining their Legacies and powers. The series is definitely a new favourite.

I Am Number Four is a fantastic start to what I am sure is a phenomenal series. With an original story idea that will take your breath away, action that will have you biting your nails furiously, characters that will wrench your heart out and superpowers that will have you green with envy. I Am Number Four is a thrilling book that will have you greedily wanting to read more in this awesome series. With kick-butt characters, nefarious aliens, a sweet romance, and a heart breaking ending, you couldn’t ask for more.