This was one of those books where I kinda jumped in without reading the blurb. Now, that I’ve finished, I’m kinda iffy about it. This novel was very elusive. I found it very hard to follow what was happening but the writing was so poetic that there was a certain elegance to it that just kept my eyes glued to the pages. It was actually rather frustrating loving the writing whilst being completely taken aback by the plot, the characters, and the messages. And I mean taken aback both positively and negatively.

Picking this up, I was looking forward to another Amy Zhang novel. This novel tackles heavy subjects like rape, depression, suicide, memory loss due to trauma. along with friendship and independence. The lyrical, poignant way Zhang addresses these subjects just heighten my frustrations.

Plot was very well done and realistic. It did trap my attention for the most part but I found myself skimming some parts that felt like filler scenes and rather boring. The blurb is slightly deceptive because Micah is solving the mystery of his best friend’s disappearance because he lost his memory and cannot remember what happened to Janie, although the reader and the characters can guess what happened to her.

The ending was very open ended. Maybe too open ended. I would have liked to know what happened to Micah and Dewey but it was very promising and bittersweet. You can evidently see the development of Micah’s character and how real this was to him. His reactions were real. His memory loss was within reason. The progression of solving this mystery in the eyes of Micah was superb, and with the added POV of Janie made the reveal very forceful.

This is Where the World Ends is a bittersweet novel through the minds of distraught characters. It created an image of devastating reality that ensures readers understand the extent of tragedy. Although I wasn’t completely happy with the novel,I can state with the utmost certainty that combined with moving and elegant writing and the dark subject matter, this makes for a good, emotional read.