Seeing how I have no clue what was really going on, I’m having a hard time coming up with something to say. Well, that’s not exactly true, I have things to say, just not alot of things that make sense.

In alot of ways, The Rule of Thoughts was better than The Eye of Minds. There is finally some character development and I liked how Michael’s friendship with Sarah and Bryson keep evolving. The plot is constantly exciting and moves at a lightning fast pace. There is always something crazy happening and despite the fact that you expect something to happen, it still takes you by surprise. The Rule of Thoughts is plotted more like an action movie that the quest style of The Eye of Minds and contains tons of crazy stunts and chase scenes.

There were some philosophical undertones as well pertaining to the distinction between virtual and real. How different is the human mind to that on an AI? Just because a place is virtual does that make it any less real? I found it all quite fascinating and think the book is a very interesting look at a potential future.

The ending of the book is a series of twists, and though not as monumental as the twist in the first book, they are just as mind blowing. They left me completely unsure about anything I’d just read for things that I’d taken as fact turned out to be nothing but a conjecture on my part. I have a million questions in my head and nothing adds up. I’m unable to even make any predictions about the next book except that it’s going to be trippy.

If you liked the first one, Dashner doesn’t disappoint. If you’re new to the series you should definitely check it out.