The characters. As a Select and a bearer of G7W, a gene which could give you exceptional talents and skills, you would expect them to be extra ordinary in some ways right? It did hold true for Ally and Cass, but as for Jack, let’s just say up until this point, I couldn’t see anything special about him. Charismatic and resourceful, yes. But the kind that Ally, Cass, and Marco have? I don’t think so.

Also, our main characters faints alot. It really is not such a big deal but considering they were conditioned to protect themselves and to fight, well, you would expect some kind of a fight scene that doesn’t involve running away or throwing something random at an enemy, now would you? It’s like all their hard work were thrown out of the window. It’s pretty much useless so why bother telling the readers that they were trained? On the bright side, you get to see them work things out through their wits. Some were actually pretty funny and decent. Whilst others were kind of forced.

What stopped me from giving it four stars was the fact that the author failed to make me feel connected to the characters. I don’t seem to mind what will happen to them to the point when something extremely tragic happened to the characters. I barely even felt an ounce of remorse. For the sake of not giving away any spoiler, let’s just say that this one particular moment was supposed to make me feel extremely sad for them, but you know. And mind you, I am a very emotional person.

I think the only time I was moved was when Jack got together with his Dad. I wouldn’t even deny that I got teary-eyed on that part. The rest though, I could hardly care.

All in all, this was a quick, fun, and easy read kind of book. Full of adventures and settings which could delight any kids or kids at heart. You could definitely find yourself chuckling a couple of times throughout your reading experience. The author brings you to alot of new places, unlike the second book which was mostly stuck in Babylon parallel world, so it doesn’t sound repetitive. But if you are looking for something less than your formulaic usual read, then I don’t think you would love it. Liking it though is very plausible.