I am not sure why I took so long to get around reading Insurgent. Nut I couldn’t bring myself to read it straight after Divergent. I think I just want to bask in the amazing feeling of experiencing Divergent first. Anyway, I decided to re-read Divergent and read Insurgent in preparation of Allegiant. It was amazing, astonishing, and horrifyingly brilliant. I can’t express my thoughts and feelings on how I feel about this. This might be potentially be a dramatic review, just a warning.

Insurgent picks off exactly from where Divergent ended, with Tris and Tobias on the train trying to escape the crumbling world that has been ravaged by war, lives have been cost, factions are waging destruction on each other as well as factions being divided into smaller groups and joining with others. I shouldn’t say anything more except that if you haven’t read Insurgent, you need to. Preferably straight after you’ve read this review and stocked up on Nutella. Insugent will have your heart pounding, your mind racing, your palms sweating, and your whole view on their lives, and the story, completely altered.

Alot of people who reviewed Insurgent said it didn’t live up to Divergent, but I loved it. I might take it so far as to say it was even slightly better than Divergent. Everything is so extremely different, from the characters’ growths to the new revelations of the world Tris lives in. You might also, like myself, find how reading Inusrgent overwhelms you with a strong sense of nostalgia for DIvergent. It makes you miss the old times, the order and not the quite as brutal destruction that now envelops Tris’ new world. I felt like I was literally in the story, and like the characters, I yearned for the better days. As you see how dramatically the characters have changed and how they’ve had to grow up, you will feel such a deep sympathy for them. All I can say is that this book is utterly amazing and that your mind will be blown by what you will discover in this book.

The amount of change of the characters showed in this novel was unexpected, but I loved learning their stories and seen their world through the new eyes they seemed to own. In Divergent, Tris was hardcore, she wouldn’t let anyone get in her way, she would instantly fire a gun without thinking but due to the life-changing events that she has had to experience you begin to see her resolve slowly crumbling before our eyes and it saddened me, it really did, as I love Tris and  she will always hold a special place in my heart. I was so accustomed to seeing this daring, dauntless Tris and the new side she revealed in Insurgent was not what you would never expect from her, her new side that would eventually let the tears come (without being taking self-pity on herself), who would give in to death without fighting back and the Tris who can’t even pick up a gun. Her new side hinted of the fragility that was beneath the hardened facade she had to display in order to survive.

The events she had experience had broken her so much that she no longer value her life and at times, all she wanted was escape. It was excruciating for me, as a reader who loves these characters more than any other characters, to see them ache like this, see them lose the once they love. You could see the grief, guilt, anger, frustration, and an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and despair envelope and Tris and the other characters, like a smothering blanket and I was rooting for her till the end that she would make it though this and she did. Tris is brave and amazing.

Then there was Tobias, who I just fell in love with all over again. I really begun to see just what a devastating impact his father’s abuse had on his live and how it shaped him to who he is. It was beautiful the way him and Tris loved each other and how they needed each other to survive in this world. but also knowing that they couldn’t depend on each other because the world they live in might cruelly rip them apart. Tobias and Tris’s relationship was beautiful and it broke my heart when they were slowly slipping out of each other’s grasp due to the world they live in.

When him and Tris were slowly drifting apart, and been involuntarily distanced by the secrets they kept and the betrayal they felt at time. Whenever she lied to him again so that she could save someone else, I wanted to shake her and yell at her that she was jeopardising such an amazing relationship whilst simultaneously risking her life and she’s not thinking about what will happen if she dies, what will happen to Tobias.

I love how in-depth the secondary characters were. From the ones I grew to love, to the ones I detested with passion. I absolutely adored Christina and how she forgave Tris for what she did and remained being a loyal friend and helping Tris on her latest rescue mission to save the world. I love Uriah, Marlene, Tori, and even Lynn. They all had their own distinct personalities. Then there were also the characters I loathed. Ones that did evil to the world for their own guilty pleasure, yet you could still see all the complexes themselves had and you could see why they became this way. There was one character that has been malicious and vile since Divergent, yet partakes in a surprising courageous act, and then there is one character who was incredibly close to Tris and who I thought adored her and whom she loved, who then betrayed her. I was gobsmacked.

Veronica Roth has such impeccable skill. It’s incredible.

The plot was amazing. And I honestly couldn’t put Insurgent down. I needed to take deep breaths at some points to calm down. I needed to let the news sink in that yet another character I had grown to love had been brutally murdered, by force or by free will. I loved how I got to see more of Tris’s world she lived in and how we got to learn more about the different factions and initiation processes. Every minute of Insurgent I read, I adored. Some parts would make my heart ache with a sweet, romantic, private moment shared and other parts I would want to let out a frustrated scream as to how Veronica Roth could think of doing this to the characters.

That ending. So unexpected. I literally just stared in shock at this page and felt like my whole life had been a lie. As you can see, my flair for being dramatic has now kicked in. Never when I first reading Divergent did I expect this is would become of Tris’s society, how protected and sheltered they actually were by being placed in factions according to their personalities. I was shocked by the ending of Divergent and was excited as to where Veronica would take the next two books and Insurgent was mind-blowing, out of this world, amazing. That ending had me literally feeling numb inside, it had me terrfied as to what was going to meet Tris and the others on the other side of the fence. Some people might now have liked how Veronica Roth ended Insurgent but I loved it. And I absolutely am complete enthralled as to what will be happening in Allegiant.

I love the writing in this. Despite the cruelty and brutality in writing. There were a few humorous moments that had me smiling and bookmarking the sentences. I love the way Veronica Roth writes the action and fighting scene as well. She writes it perfectly and it doesn’t feel like the characters are treading through treacle like in some books I’ve read.

This was an astonishingly amazing, heartbreaking novel that shows what the cruelty humans are capable of and how destructive witnessing such horrors can destroy even the bravest of heroes. But how with love and friendship you can overcome any obstacle. Veronica Roth shows us her potential in Insurgent and just how spectacular her writing skills are. This book has betrayal, love, war, romance, and will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. After reading this book, and seeing what our destructive human nature can do, and how guilty our mistakes can make us feel, you will want to try and be a better person. Veronica’s books not only give me a look into a whole new world and have me running on adrenaline as well as being transfixed, but also teach me life lessons. Teach me how to be a better person. On almost every page there is quote worth noting. Read this book. It’s honestly, simply stunning.