Clockwork Angel, well, Cassandra Clare’s books in general are very popular. So when the time came around to read Clockwork Angel, I found myself hesitant towards starting it, and putting it off. Why? Because  I had heard so amazing things about it, that my expectations were extremely high, and I didn’t want to read it to find myself let down and disappointed, expecting to read a brilliant book bu then finding it not so brilliant after all. However, Clockwork Angel swept me off my feet. With stunning characters, a well-crafted love triangle, descriptive writing, nail-biting action, and sickening plot turns. Clockwork Angel will have you on the edge of the seat and in suspense.

The writing is stunning. The detail that is woven into the story makes it feel as if you are watching a movie rather than reading a book. I can see and imagine everything to its finest point. Her writing style makes me see the horse-drawn carriages with their plush velvet seats trundling along the roads. I can see the murky waters of the River Thames as it rises and falls as if it were breathing. I can see the terrifying clockwork automatons advancing on Tessa, their metallic arms reaching out for her, ready to grab. Cassandra Clare’s ability to describe in such detail is certainly one of her many writing talents that defines her in the Young Adult writing community.

I adored the characters. Tessa, Will, Jem, Charlotte, Henry, and even Jessamine and Sophie, had such a unique personalities. Each of the characters stood out in their own way. Sometimes when I read a book, the characters are so similar, that I can’t discern which characters is which unless it simply states so. Thankfully, the Clockwork Angel was not like that. I was also impressed that Cassandra Clare can write such a beautiful, emotional story told in third person. Usually, for me, when a book is written in third person I can’t relate to the characters at all and end up feeling no sympathy for them when the author wants you to feel sympathy. Cassandra did a stunning job of writing an engaging, descriptive, and emotional novel written in third person narrative.

Tessa was amazing, I admire her so much. The tragic events she had to go through just made my heart break for her. And honestly, if I was Tessa., I would’ve been a wreck. And a hermit, I probably wouldn’t even leave the house again, after my whole family dying or leaving. Yes, it’s not healthy but I think any normal person would be a bit paranoid right? Alright, moving on… Tessa was emotionally and physically strong. She didn’t consistently whine about how unfair her life was, when she felt the urge to cry, she wouldn’t cry in front of the characters, but fight back the tears that she thought would display weakness. If I was Tessa, I would’ve been a wreck, her mother died, then her Aunt Harriet, then her brother moved away, then she had to deal with the Dark Sisters and their torture they inflicted upon Tessa and then the shocking war and discovery that happened at the end of the book.

The love triangle really worked well in this book. I love Will and Jem equally. Will has this brooding, mysterious, bad boy vibe that jumps off him. And Jem is sweet, gentle, and kind. Even after finishing Clockwork Angel I still don’t know which side I am on. I absolutely fell head-over-heels-in-love with Will at the beginning, but then I was a bit disappointed with some of his actions. I felt like he could be quite a jerk sometimes and that made me dislike him just a tiny bit. But then he would so sweet and sarcastic again, and I loved him ever more than before.

I really like Jem. He’s really sweet to Tessa and indeed everyone in the institute. When I found out about his illness and the slow death he was dying, it hit me like a crashing wave. I almost started crying because I can’t imagine Will without Jem, and the institute without him. So I am on both their sides. Don’t make me choose.

The plot was just… wow. I am telling you that my mouth was literally open at some of the events. The things that were revealed to Tess made my heart break for her, as she had been through enough turmoil but was heaped with even more worries as the story speeds along. The pacing was also great, in the beginning it felt a bit slow (literally only the prologue though) but it picked pace almost immediately and I was swept into the magical yet frightening, world of warlocks, vampires, werewolves, and whirring automatons.

Clockwork Angel is a splendid read. The writing is absolutely perfect in every way, the descriptions force you to see the beautiful, yet sometimes grotesque, scenes that the character experience. The romance is sweet, leaving you not always knowing which side you’re on. The plot will leave you completely flabbergasted and craving the next book. Clockwork Angel is a stunning read that I would recommend to everyone. A completely faultless read.