This book was a surprise. Completely. Before reading it, I saw on Instagram that whilst some liked it, others did not enjoy it. So I was like “If ever I don’t like it, it has a gorgeous cover anyway.” So for sure, I carefully lowered my expectations for this one. And guess what? I was wrong.

This book has been advertised as a romantic one. I am not saying that it isn’t a romantic book but it is so much more than romance. There’s sisterhood, motherly love, self-discovery. So many themes that I did not even think would be in there. At first I thought it was going to be a cheesy, nonsensical, and cliche romance with instalove, but no.

Before jumping into some fangirling talk about the themes, let’s talk about the writing. Oh God, it was great. I mean seriously. I was not expecting the writing to be engrossing, especially after reading The Selection series. The way the story flowed was amazing and made me read the book in few sittings. It was intriguing and compelling and made me want more.

This book was sisterhood at its best. I loved how they were supportive of each other and how they want to help each other. Their relationship was amazing and cute, and wonderful, and I love every bit of it. I mean even Kahlen, our main character, thought about her sisters above anything else, and I loved it.

Then we have the love of the mother. Let’s talk about the Ocean. She was… how to say it? I liked and disliked her, I loved how she was protective of her daughters, but the way she was overprotective and overbearing annoyed me. I mean, I understand that, being who – or rather what – she is. She does not or cannot? – have a counterpart, which is why she behaves this way with daughters. But her behaviour at a point drove me insane.

This book was also about self-discovery. Kahlen has been a siren for so long, and yet she still does not know what she really wants. Sure, she has a goal, as average as it sounds – getting married. But it seems that beside that, she does not want much; or more. In this book, it’s like she discovers herself a second time – or more like a third time, and I enjoyed reading about that.

And that is it! How about you? Have you read The Siren? What did you think about it?