Some people before they read the series, they already watched their movie adaptations. The effects and the concept visualisations according to them were excellent and worth watching actually. Screaming out of fear because of the breathtaking and surprising parts, like the scene when thew were being chased by the Cranks… so and so forth.

But… if you are a type of person who has already the series before the movie, the outcome will be very disappointing. For real. And as for me, I am also disappointed with the story.

The first book started out great. I mean, the fighting and chasing scenes between the Gladers and the Grievers left me openmouthed. It is shocking, fact-paced, and it’s not boring. I understand that Dashner left us some mind-bugging questions about the WICKED and their sole purposes. I was actually waiting for an answer about it here in the second book. But it turns out empty. So here’s my rant about it.

I really don’t know how I am going to rate this book. At first, the story caught my attention, since it’s full of thrilling and promising scenes, especially the part where Brenda and Thomas met Mr. Nose. They ventured upon different kinds of trials (which is fine with me since I am looking for that kind of story. I need a break from romantic/dramatic novels).

Even when I reached the half part of the story, I am still hooked up with it. But as I go deeper, I find it exhausting. Yes, I feel exhausted with the things that are happening with Thomas and with the the other Gladers. I am tired of those lies and betrayals. I am annoyed with the endless experiments and tests done by the heartless WICKED. It’s all too much for me to take that my head really ache. I was well-informed with the virus, The Flare, the Cranks, etc. I am so fed up with these details and it seems like Dashner restated  those details over and over again. I was waiting for that cure, the blueprint. I was waiting for something new to happen, waiting for what they call progress. It’s like they’ll start all over again. Another dumbfounding challenge awaits.

And I was really annoyed with Thomas and his dreams. As if he was always sleeping with the entire story. That is so cliche.

“Wicked is good.” But the story isn’t.

I gave this novel a three since my expectations were turned down and the questions that were bugging me from the first book were left unanswered.

But it’s still must read for everyone. If you’re looking for action-packed and if you already started reading, you should continue.