I had no idea I would end up as hooked as I did. Needless to say, I was pretty jumpy and excited when i finally got my hands on a copy of The Elite, and after reading it, I’m pretty much itching to read The One.

In this book, America is starting to really develop feelings for Prince Maxon, despite her original intentions of just staying in the competition long enough to rack up some money for her family so she can come home and patch things up and marry her true love, Aspen.

Of course, as all stories go, things don’t go according to plan. In the second book in the series, America is really falling in love with Maxon, still burned and unsure about Aspen after he broke up with her right before she left for the competition. Plus, now that Aspen is a guard in the royal palace, things gets awkward.

Anyway, as time passes in the palace, America becomes more and more able to see herself as the princess of Illea, ruling the country alongside the man she thinks she’s finally beginning to love. But every now and then, she had doubts and the nagging suspicion that what if, truly, she isn’t the cut out to be the country’s princess? What if the other Elite ladies are better fit for the job?

And America’s most nagging question of all: What about Aspen?

The Elite was definitely much better than The Selection at least in my opinion. America’s feelings for both Maxon and Aspen develop in great strides throughout the novel, and although I’m still Team Maxon through and through, I can symphatise with Aspen and America’s longing for a life with a boy she’s known forever. However, I personally think she’d be a great princess and would give the country the refreshing it needs to solve things, and I’m still pushing for her to end up with Prince Maxon.

The Elite also showed how cutthroat the competition is becoming, and America’s pangs of totally justified jealousy as she sees Maxon spending time with certain other members of the Elite. If he claims he loves her, why is he still spending all of the time with the other girls?

America and her cold feet, constantly begging for more time. I’m getting impatient with America’s I-Want-To-Be-The-Princess feelings one moment and the I-Don’t-Think-I-Can-Do-This feelings next.This girl needs to make up her mind, I’m hoping that all of my questions will be answered in The One. And I’m curious to see what happens to the other girls as well. But as for America’s indecisiveness, I understand her hesitance  because choosing to be with Maxon isn’t only leaving her first true love, Aspen behind — it’s also taking on the role as a leader of a grand country, which is certainly no easy task when she’s a Five from a poor family that constantly struggled to make ends meet.

On the other hand, though, Maxon has been incredibly patient with her (and Aspen, although a little less patient, had understood her request for time to think as well) and his patience will not last forever, no matter how much America wants it to. The girl needs to make a decision, and she needs to make it fast.

All in all, The Elite was a great second novel in The Selection series. Kiera Cass is a great writer and I’m definitely glad that I picked up the series.