I have to admit that Divergent is a hard book to write to a no spoiler review over. It is also a hard book to just not tally fangirl throughout the review. Words can not explain how much I loved this book. I initially put off reading Divergent because everybody loved this book so much. I didn’t want to disappoint anybody or have to write a negative review over this book so I put off reading it. I also didn’t want there to be another book that my friends loved and I didn’t.

I’m glad I read this book because I fell in love with Tris and Veronica Roth’s dystopian world. The beginning of the novel filled me with so many questions and excitement. I couldn’t wait to find out which faction Tris would be in and what the ending of this novel will be. We also see many themes in Divergent such as growing up, finding yourself, self-confidence, and choices. Tris has many choices to make and each choice will affect her life in a different way.

The rest of the book is very intense with just the right spark of a love story. It is hard for me to write this part without spoiling anything, but I loved every part of initiation. It put fear in my mind for Tris and the other characters. I loved that Tris was a strong capable female character. She was fully capable of showing her worth in this faction through her fighting and defense skills. Tris was a complex character that I felt a connection to during this novel. I can’t wait to read more about Tris in the upcoming novels. It made me think about myself and which faction I would choose. It also gave me the encouragement to continue reading even though I should have been doing something else.

Four was one of my favourite characters of this novel. He is the faction mentor of the faction Tris chooses. He is slowly developed as a character and we learn that he quite complex. He has many similarities with Tris. He is also unique in this faction’s statistics. I don’t want to spoil anything so I won’t continue, but I will say that Four is quite the character and I believe he will be important in the upcoming novels.

I found it very interesting also the relationships among the five factions and how they work or don’t work together. I see this relating alot to our world where some countries get along whilst others are constantly at war. As usual in dystopian books, the government is corrupt creating another interesting dynamic for Divergent.

Divergent is the fastest book I have read so far which goes to show how amazing I thought this novel was. I fell in love with Veronica Roth’s characters and her world. The ending of Divergent could have made  this just one book, but I’m glad Veronica Roth decided to continue the series.