The best part of this novella was being able to see things through the eyes of a real vampire. Bree was a likeable character and readers will feel for and understand her by the end. Bree was one of the smartest vampires in the coven, and was beginning to figure out why Riley and “her” were planning for the newborns. Bree and her fellow vampires were being manipulated and lied to from the start, but only three f them realised this before it was too late.

The romantic interest, Diego was sweet, adventurous guy who was one of the only vampires Bree could actually talk with. He was smart and understood something wasn’t right with the coven, but unfortunately trusted some of the wrong people. He and Bree had a connection from the start and the scene when they discovered that light was actually not a death sentence was one of my favourites.

The other “good” vampire  in the coven was Fred. Readers didn’t know much about him to the end, when he started playing a big role, but he ended being a great guy, and a good ally for Bree. He was also talented in a unique way that came in handy for Bree quite a few times. Bree, Diego, and Fred were also pretty much the only ones that even thought about the lives they were taking and the importance of keeping their existence secret.

There was alot of excitement and mystery in this novella and will have readers unable to put it down. The romance is sweet and small, but you can feel the connection between Bree and Diego. It’s sad to see how things turned out for Bree and her coven, and that you don’t always know who to trust. One of the most interesting scenes was when Bree met Bella and the Cullens. It was intriguing to see her reaction  to these mysterious “golden-eyed” vampires that kept a “human pet”

The ending was sad, but unfortunately, the way  it had to be. Reeaders will feel alot of emotions through the course of this novel, especially the last 50 pages or so.

Overall, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner was interesting, emotional, and romantic read that gives Twilight fans a glimpse into the life of a vampire other than the Cullens.