This is around the sixth or seventh time that I’ve read the Harry Potter series. Let me tell you right now, I don’t read books six or seven times. Of course Harry Potter isn’t a 5/5 star – books. I’d say it’s close to 500/5.

Because of that, this isn’t going to be one of normal reviews where I talk about the pros and cons and character development. I highly recommend the story of Harry Potter but when I am reviewing now is this particular edition of Harry Potter.

Words cannot describe how excited I was when I first heard that they were making illustrated editions of these beloved books. Although last year, I was a month late of buying it cus a) I bought seven books of Rick Riordan and b) both Fully Booked and National Bookstore and even the online sellers were saying that they don’t have the book available on their shelves anymore. So I had to wait. Only after two months of agony of waiting, Fully Booked said they have it but on a UK edition which is a bit pricey compare to the US edition.

I was not disappointed at all. And I would highly recommend it. However, I understand that this is pretty expensive book. £30.00 or in Philippine Peso, it is equivalent to Php 2,099.00.

So here are all the things you should know before you make a decision on whether or not to buy it:

  • The entire story is in here: Nothing was cut or substituted for a picture that illustrated the same basic idea. Well for some spellings as I got mine on a UK edition. Some words had been spelled differently from the US edition.
  • The book is incredibly well-made: Every page is glossy and thick. It’s a solid hardback and the spine do not crease of fold even when I had this gigantic book flopped open on my lap. It comes with one of those cute little built-in ribbon bookmarks.
  • Some of the punctuation is a little weird: I was surprised to see when I first opened the book that some of the punctuation was changed from the original Harry Potter books I was used to. It also doesn’t use periods after words like mister (i.e. Mr instead of Mr.) It’s not the biggest deal in the world and I didn’t find it too distracting but if that’s something you have an issue with, be aware.
  • The text is in columns: Like in a newspaper, the text in this book is in columns instead of just straight across the page.
  • The illustrations are stunning: I was tempted to completely litter this review with pictures of my favourite pages, but I honestly feel like I would end up showing you the entire book and ruining the fun of seeing the pictures for the first time in the book.
  • There aren’t any illustrations on every single page: Sometimes there are pictures that take take two whole, side-by-side pages and sometimes there two side-by-side pages with no illustrations at all, leaving you with just the columns of text. These pages are still wonderful (how could they not be? They’re covered in words from The Philosopher’s Stone) and have a cool background that makes them seem as if they could’ve been written on a parchment paper.
  • This book isn’t life changing: If you hated Harry Potter on your first go-round, this version most likely isn’t going to change your opinion. But how did you hate Harry Potter on your first go-round?

This book is really fun new way to experience Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition. This isn’t just cartoon version of the same scenes and faces you see in the movies or the original little illustrations in the books. By picking this book, you’re getting a fresh new experience and perspective. I completely adore this book. My ratings isn’t just for the story that I already knew that I loved, but it’s also for the incredible illustrations. I would 100% recommend picking this up. It blew me away.