I chose The Colossus Rises because the cover intrigues me plus it was praised by Rick Riordan, whom I love. I initially didn’t want to read it, thinking it’s just another typical YA kids-turned-hero book, but thankfully the book proved to be much more than that.

The idea that Jack, and the other kid heroes, Marco, Cass, and Aly will dies sets the premise for the urgency of their task. Peter Lerangis brings back the Atlantis myth, and the idea that it could rise again. The task of the four heroes is to find the Loculi, seven orbs that compartmentalized the power of Atlantis and each one has a different power like flying (I’d like to get that orb for real!)

Jack doesn’t seem like the hero type. He has no seeming unique capability, unlike Marco who is so physically strong and capable; Cass, a walking gyroscope and can speak backwards, and Aly, the one who understands how things work and is really good with electronics. But I think Jack has the brains, which is evident throughout the book since he was the one who deciphered the codes that led to the discovery of the mouth of Atlantis where the seven loculi were once placed. I really think that Jack is the descendant of Karai himself. If you read it, you’ll see what I mean. I think Professor Bhegad, the chief of Karai Institute, suspects that as well. The four have good camaraderie and get along pretty well. They also consider themselves family since they all feel like prisoners of the institute.

To be honest, I am not yet sure if Karai Institute is really the “good” side because what do they really want with the loculi? Also there’s some confusion with the two princes’s of Atlantis, and whether or not Massarym really regarded his decision to steal the loculi. Professor Bhegad also doesn’t strike me as the benevolent father type who just wants good for all of them. I feel like they’re all just using the four kids.

The Colossus Rises feels too short, and I don’t feel like I know the four characters all that well enough. I feel like the first book just sets the tone and what you can expect further in the series. Hopefully, we will get to know the four heroes better as we progress. I know the idea is that the four kids might die soon, but I hope not one of them does because even though I don’t know them very well, they all seem like good kids and any one of them dying would just feel to tragic.

The plot is different, and fast-paced, although at the start I was really bored. I feel like Peter describing Jack did in minute detail that was unnecessary. But after the first few chapters, the story picks up speed and I was caught along the ride. In the end, I did enjoy the book. How I wish there will be seven books in the series because the loculi seems placed in the Seven Wonders of the World… the Ancient Wonders that is. I haven’t really read up on the ancient wonders, and I like learning new things from books so I think I am going to enjoy this series.